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For Sale:
Project Starlight Hybrid Tube/Opamp CONUSA shipping only.

Will Ship To: CONUSA

What we have here is a Starlight hybrid tube/opamp output gem. This is what rolling is all about.


You can roll tubes and the output stages, doubling your combinations.


If it’s so great, why am I selling it? This is a terrific starter amp, however, I also have an Ember which eclipses all of the other amps I own. The price of the Starlight new is $159, the price of the Ember is $359, I'm offsetting expenses.


This amp has 18 months of warranty left. Price is $159.99 at the factory web site--this is a deal.


Included in the package is a Sylvania 6922 (6 volt) tube, four NJM4556 opamps, and four OPA2132 opamps to get you off to a good start with rolling. The 4556 give a solid state sound where the 2132 give the legendary "Burr Brown laid back" more tube like sound. This combination reminds of the Little Dot MKiii amp that I have.


As you can see in the output stage pictures there are two sockets next to the pot for adjusting the tube bias. The amp will run with just one opamp in the socket closest to the pot. This makes for more economical rolling while searching for the best sound.


The two amps in the 8 pin IC are “stacked”, combining and doubling the output power. With both sockets occupied, the power is quadrupled.


You can even put a different type of opamp in the other channel for direct comparisons.


The amp also has a built in voltmeter for adjusting tube bias voltage and can run 6 or 12 volt tubes.


Output resistance is selectable between 1.5 and 68 ohms; see attached power chart. This chart is rated with the LM4562 opamps. Using NJM4556 opamps will double the power with lower impedance phones.


The manual and schematic are available at Their customer service is second to none.



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