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Hi as my title says i am looking for a good portable usb amp or dac/amp combo!.

mainly for my yuin pk1s but it could be nice to have a nice usb dac aswell when using easier to drive headphones.


I have been looking at the pico usb dac/amp version and its one of few dac's that seem to pair well with the galaxy note 2 and other android devices.

i am a bit concerned if it will be strong enough as a amplifier for the yuin pk1's tho.


Anyone have any experience how strong the pico dac/amp version is as a amplifier for harder to drive headphones/earbuds ?


It would be nice to have a dac/amp combo all in one but it always seems like you have to compromise on the amp side a bit when we talking portables.


Will the headstage arrow for example be mouch more powerfull as a amp then the pico dac/amp ?  


i am looking for something very portable like these two.


The pk1 need 150 Ohm to be driven .


I am thinking of spending around 500 dollar on an Amp and a Dac.


I wont the most out of those dollars preferably

so i wont end up with a 500 dollar dac/amp that after a while only will be sufficient enough as a dac or the other way around.


also is there something i should think of when buying a portable (amp) do they all work with usb connection to android devices? or do some of them not amp as good as they could do(or at all) when conecting this way?


Cheers Fredrik.

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