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Looking IEM up to 100$ for metal.

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hey, guys

Between these, the Etymotic MC5 and the RE-400, which one do you think suits metal better?


I mainly want to listen to electric guitars and vocal with a good amount to detail and I don't care much for the amount of bass.


Feel free to make suggestions.



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I listen to mostly death metal and find the RE-400 awesome. They're not cold and analytical like Etymotics but still perfectly balanced to my ears, very detailed, and all around excellent for complex, fast, guitar driven music like most metal. 

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Yeah I imagined so, the sound signature seems to be what I like.

I'm pretty much decided, I'm just worried about detail retrieval.

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The pro RE-400 reviews on Head-Fi should take your worry away about detail retrieval. As long as your source is good and your music is generally higher quality, you'll have no complaints. 

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metsuki,  save your money and forget the 400s. They are seriously lacking in upperbass/low mids and make metal and everything else sound lacking in 'energy' and 'beat'. Whats metal without that driving backbeat? nothing in my world. Try out the soundmagic e30's. They aren't as detailed up top as alot of hifi phones but they have plenty of mid detail and great driving low end (not impactful though). The 400's are also a bit cold and uneven in the upper mids to my ears and you may find them annoying, especially on modern metal recordings. The e30 is much more forgiving for overprocessed recordings.

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plus the e30's just rip for electric guitars. Wonderfully accurate and rich. You can really hear the pick dig in and the tube amps bloom with these. The 400 leaves electric guitars sounding thin and piercing in comparison.

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I saw some comparisons between the e30 and the pl50(which I have owned) and apparently, the e30 are more bass driven than the pl50.

In my opinion, the pl50 were lacking detail and were more colored than I'd like, so the e30 sounds like a big no to me.


Plus, my taste tends to go more towards analytical IEMs :p

But thanks for the suggestion!

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If I wanted to go for a more analytical IEM, what would you guys recommend?


(For reference, my favourite IEM so far is the Hippo Shroom EB)

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The Brainwavz B2 is very analytical and bright sounding. This one is super detailed for metal and only $40 more than the 400.
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Nah, B2 lacks the bass and note weight to be good with metal. It's great with acoustic stuff though. I'll say if you really want more detail and care about vocals and electric guitars the most then something like the meelec a161p will be great - bass has good impact and speed,  mids are slightly forward and aggressive in the detail presentation, the treble rolls off slightly early but overall the presentation is pretty good for rock and metal.

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So are you saying the a161p have better detail than the re-400?

Also, how's the quality of the cable?



EDIT: Just checked out some reviews, the cable a161p seems to be fragile.

Given my experience que bad cables on IEMs, I'm not sure I'm willing to take the risk :s

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Nah, I'm not saying it because I still haven't heard re400. Going with the reviews it seems to be more refined and with more balanced presentation. I'm suggesting a161p because of its more in your face and aggressive presentation and you said you listen to electric guitars and vocals and a161p is all about guitars and vocals. As far as build quality - yeah, the cable is a bit on the thin side and average but I haven't had any issues so far and if you checked the re400's thread you would know that people have been reporting build quality issues and splitting cables with the re400 too. In the end it all boils down to you. Both a161p and (going with the reviews) re400 will be bang for buck performers. They are both in joker's earphone's buyer's guide http://theheadphonelist.com/articles/earphone-buyers-guide/

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Look into the JVC FXT-90. The RE-400 has a smoothness that isn't ideal for metal, though it is a good all-rounder.

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I bought the Klipsch X7i recently used for $100 and they are really quite good. I also have the A161 and the X7 strikes me as quite similar sounding but smoother. The mids are definitely up front on these as well.
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