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For Sale: FS: meelectronics M6 BLACK

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For Sale:
FS: meelectronics M6 BLACK

Will Ship To: US48

Got these earbuds I want to get rid of.

Didn't really care for the sound signature and they've pretty much sat for the greater part of 2 years. Accessories Pictured.


I'm asking $11 USD shipped US48. Confirmed Paypal. Thanks.


I have trader rep/feedback on another site if concerned.

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Realistically speaking, why would anybody buy a 2year old used headphones that cost 15$ in amazon new? Not to mention paypal fees.


Do what I did: give them to someone you know as a gift: girlfriend, sister, mom, friend...

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Realistically speaking, they're $21 USD new on amazon.  This is near what I paid. 


I'm well aware of shipping and Paypal fees and quite frankly... I don't really mind that I'm only making 5-7 bucks.


With that said, sale is pending.

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