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Newbie thanking you all.

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Aloha everybody!

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to all you forumites who take the time to write detailed reviews here; I'm sure you all know, but when lurkers like me are searching for new headphones/earphones, we come here for impressions.

I feel like my ears are so neanderthalic compared to everyone who writes here, but I will try my best to hear the goodies. I've only dipped my toe mostly in iems recommended in the budget thread, but I would be happy to spend $200 on a pair that I fall in love with...though, it doesn't sound like that would be necessary! I may have cheap tastes =P

So far I have tested the budget all-stars: Monoprice 8320, Philips SHE3590, JVC HA-FX101, JVC HA-FX40, PADACS AKSENTS (they're currently $10 on the official website), and the SoundMagic E30.

My favorites from my selection are the SoundMagic E30, JVC HA-FX40, and the Monoprice 8320.

I play flute for my University orchestra, alto sax in a jazz band, and sing alto/soprano in choir--so I guess it's normal for me to be more inclined to liking stronger trebles and mids. I realized I am not a basshead at all, though I do enjoy a nice firm, attentive bass in rock and electronic music.

I listen to big band jazz, smooth jazz, female vocals, house techno, orchestral works (especially arranges of video/computer game music--I know, I'm a nerd), rock, metal, electronic genres that I don't know of, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I'm hoping that experienced members here can help point me in the right direction for other headphones/earphones that I would love. I am more partial to iems, but I am curious about over ear phones as well!

It might be easier for me to describe what I like and don't like about the current earphones I like, since I'm still unsure of how to describe what I am looking for. So...

The Monoprice 8320: I love the trebles and mids on these, but the bass is actually a little leaner than I am used to. I never knew what a soundspace was until I nudged these in my ears. Then I understood. It is quite gorgeous in orchestral pieces, as well as works that throw bits of music in different ears and different directions, but I find rock music to be a little hollow and distant in these--in other words, boring. And unfortunately, these make my small ears ache when I wear them.

The Philips SHE3590: I understand what a "V" shape means with these! They're really good for rock and vocal works, because they're so fun and intimate. But I miss being able to hear the details of the mids, especially in my House mixes.

JVC HA-FX101: I don't like these at all. I thought I would enjoy super boosted bass because I like it in the club, but nope. There's way too much, and my beautiful trebles are now raspy, and mids are non-existant.

PADACS AKSENTS: These are big and bassy like the fx101, but they have a little more class in their upper range. I like them more than the fx101, but I won't be reaching for them that often. Also, the memory foam tips hurt my ears--even the smallest ones.

SoundMagic e30: The best compromise. They are lovely to put in my ears, and I can enjoy the full range of notes--especially the mids. The bass on this one is my downright favorite. It has a strong presence, but it is polite and stays in its reigns, yet hits very precisely and sternly. I love hearing the initial attack on percussion instruments, and then that short, hollow echo that cuts off at the right time. The only thing about this one is that after listening to the fx40, the trebles sound recessed and muted. Now everything sounds a little...laid back?

JVC HA-FX40: Love the treble on these! Even out of the box--no burn in--I think they sound lovely, clear, detailed and vibrant; not harsh and sibilant at all, like a lot of people complained of. I find if I get "too good" of a seal on these, the bass gets overly loud and the mids are dramatically pulled back. So I prefer a semi-tight fit with the smallest silicone tip. I still like the SoundMagic e30 for its overall balance, though!

tl;dr (ie summary): I like Monoprice 8320's soundspace and highs/mids, Soundmagic e30's mids/BASS, and JVC HA-FX40's HIGHS/clarity.

Anyways, I wrote a lot more than I expected to. Sorry about the mini reviews in my intro thread, but if you have any suggestions for me, I am grateful!
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Good collection.

Look into the Chi-fi headphones. Prices in CNY Renminbi, and USDollars.

All over or on-ear.

ZH Edifier H840 396 / 198 on sale. $32. Nothing special, but each time I put it on I listen to music and forget about the details of reviewing it. Worth it only if you get the sale price, IMHO.

ZH Evo Plextor D500 177. $28. Bright, overly so. Light presentation, but good for classical. no bass. SuperLux 668b clone, very similar but a little bit more bass. Lots of cymbal detail.

ZH Bingle "Denmark" B-850-M 279 / 129. $21 on sale good. CAL or similar.

ZH Sennic ST-80 85, best mid-fi, $14 headphone I have heard.
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