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Hey Head-Fi'ers!


Been perusing the forums these past few weeks in search of my first pair of decent In-Ear Monitors, figured I'd shoot my first question out to those far more experienced than me.


As the title implies, I've generally become enamoured over the past few years with Theatrical music, but never really concerned myself with the type of headset I used, just hasn't been a priority.. That is until I listened to a pair of Beyerdynamic T 70's that I had found on display at my local electronic boutique while hunting for some cables.


Even running straight out of my iPhone, it made the music feel so much more alive, clear. I'm still learning the words to describe audio (forgive me! XD) but put simply, it sounded extraordinarily good, compared to what I'm used to.


I currently use Apple's EarPods, after retiring my Beats Solo's I got as a gift a few years back. The EarPods sounded far better the Solo's in my honest opinion, less muddy and garbled when dozens of instruments came on to the field. I've used my fair share of budget Sony IEM's (20-30$) over the years, and just chalked up the fantastic sound quality of these behemoth Over-Ear Professional headsets as a given, based on their retail (at the store) price of nearly $600.


After much research, I learned that Beats based headsets were simply tuned for different style of music; their claim to fame being their brand image, which I was aware of, but hadn't figured it would render any style of music worse off than a pair of default earbuds for fractions of the price.


While I'd love to go with a large headset, my workstyle requires me to be out and about most of the time and I figure a IEM would allow me the same freedom I have now with my commute.


I will be running these IEM directly out of my iPhone, so, I'd prefer a set that doesn't require any external amplifier to get the best out of them. I currently have all my music encoded @ AAC 256kbps, but I'd be more than willing to repurchase all my music in Flac/Apple Lossless to get the best out the headsets, as my collection is not that large.


Some choices I've singled out too far, after looking at the excellent information on this forum include:


-Klipsch Image X10/X10i's 

-EarSonics SM2 & SM3's (The latter might be pushing the budget a bit!)

-Ety ER-4P & S (I notice that these may require an amp to be of any good, but the reviews seem excellent)

-KEF M200's

-Grado GR8 (Same as Ety, iPhone might not be powerful enough to drive these :(

-Shure SE315's & SE425's


These choices I specifically looked at above just so happen to be sold at the local electronic store, but I have zero brand preference and I am open to anything and be willing to purchase online.


Appreciate the help, suggestions and experiences!