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Performance with overburnt CDs... (74+ min.)

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Does your pcdp work ok with overburnt CDs? Mine (Sony D-EJ725) played a Limp Bizkit album (75:xx) and some classical CDs (up to 80min.) fine, but when I burnt a custom compilation of songs on a CDR yester it took a whole minute to load ! (I thought I had burnt a coaster, burnt another one--same thing--left it running by accident and found it actually started playing LOL) And it read 82 min. on the pcdp, even though I was sure it was just under 80min. (that's all my CDR could hold and all that EasyCD creator would have allowed me to burn)

But still, once loaded it played fine.

My brother's early model really small G-prot. pcdp couldn't even play the last track on the Limp Bizkit album. Strictly 74min. it would seem...

My guess is that the more compact pcdps are more likely to have this problem--not enough room for the laser to travel to the extreme edge of the CD?
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Really? I tried some 80min cds with my really really really really old sony cd players and it worked fine.

Havent tried on my 925 though
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Hmm, what kind of cdr's are you using? What version of ez cd creator? What process do you follow to burn cds? For it to read the cd as 82 mins something is very fishy.

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I was checking on the same subject yesterday. I use 80 min blanks with less than 79 mins recorded. I haven't had a problem so far. As for more than 80 mins, there are some 90 min blanks. I have not tried them, but the burner part of Music Match actually has the option of burning different types of CD-R and DVD, even the small personal card type. Perhaps you could try the 90 min blanks, but you'll have to check if your burner can use them first. If it does, get MusicMatch or other software and give it a run.
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Strange problem - I think it must be an issue in the way the copy is burnt. You might want to try Aenima by Tool also, it's an album that requires overburning to copy.
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I really must go back and check how many min. there really are on my compilation
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I put 82 minutes and 12 seconds on one of my CDs and it worked alright on my PCDP. When I order the Pana 570, I'll tell you how the 82:12 CD works on it.
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check out
Extraction Questions, question#2

talks about how audio file sizes are actually smaller than data files etc.
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I often burn CDs of downloaded music so I can listen to it on my main stereo before I decide wether or not I'll buy the original CDs. I always use 80 min. media and I always fill it up to the limit (minimum 78 minutes), I've had absolutely no problems with my Denon CDP or the cheap boom box in the kitchen, and I use very cheap media...
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