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Has anyone heard of a YouTube channel called "SonicSenseProAudio"?


It is great for comparing gear directly, though, of course there are limitations in YouTube compression, and generally in comparing the playback of different devices through your own playback device... I think they record binaurally.


Anyway, the differences between headphones are easily the most striking. Studio Monitors (speakers) are harder to distinguish between, and audio interfaces (so DACS/ADCS) are near-impossible.


This was a particularly night-and-day difference between an Audio Tecnica ATH-M50 and an AKG K271 Mk. II.;


Almost sound like different songs or at least a remix of the same song.


It also allowed me to get a better idea of what the Beyerdynamic DT1350 sounds like. From reviews I'd guess it to be quite thin-sounding and trebly, but according to a comparison with the Sennheiser HD25-1 II's, apparently nothing could be further from the truth...

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