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For Sale: KGSS by Spritzer

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For Sale:
KGSS by Spritzer

Will Ship To: Anywhere

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"This amp features Headamp amp and PSU boards plus. Stock rail voltages (+/-350V) and a Pro only output with a Alpha four gang volume control. Only balanced inputs as I'm finally fed up with the switch wiring but it features a loopout for those of us with massive systems. The XLR inputs are the non-latching type which I once ordered by mistake. Doesn't bother me but it is worth noting. I changed to isolated transistors in this one and used the taller 2.5" heatsinks on the amp board to make it run a bit cooler. Fully matched input fets and pretty much all the parts you would find in a Headamp unit. Output socket is one of the T2 teflon units with the grip of the pins adjusted to be just right and with my PCB to make the wiring neater. 

These boxes are never 100% when they arrive so there are small marks on the silver front panel and I managed to scratch the back panel when installing the sockets. The flash makes it look worse than it really is though."


I will include xlr->rca cables for those with rca only dacs.

Photos are his.


Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees

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[Sorry if this message arrives twice, but the site seems to be causing problems here.]


Apologies if these are novice questions, but:


a) would you be able to alter the voltage for US use prior to shipping?;


b) how hot does the unit tend to run?; and 


c) where are you currently based?


With thanks for your advice,



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PM sent


Thank you

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