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Originally Posted by starfly View Post

I really wish Sony would have included the other straight cord that came with the Z1000. Oh well :)

Yeah, something more like the Sennheiser HD8 quality...although that cable is long as well. I'm just using a high quality 1.2m cable right now. Would be nice to find something that can connect into the twist lock of the 7520. 

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Originally Posted by Eugguy View Post

The included cord that comes with the 7520 is way too long and unstable. It tangles way too quickly for any type of studio work. I wish Sony included a more durable and functional coiled cord. But good news is that you can change cords easily. I have found a few different options. 

I suppose I'm in the minority. It works fantastically for my needs. :)


Still, I'm not eager to pay $50 to replace that cord when it does kick it. What replacements have you found?

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Originally Posted by Kierkes View Post

I suppose I'm in the minority. It works fantastically for my needs. :)


Still, I'm not eager to pay $50 to replace that cord when it does kick it. What replacements have you found?

I use this Mediabridge for $10. It's got the step-down plug design.



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I've been using the Vmoda 6 foot cable:




Works great and its super lightweight/flexible. Really good for portable use.

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I was referring to coiled replacements. I was under the impression that you had a bone to pick with the coiled cord that comes with the 7520 specifically, not just coiled cords in general. I use a V-moda cable right now when I'm sitting near my desk, and straight cables are a dime a dozen anyway.

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The alpha pads cost somewhere around 70 bucks. The mad dog (what kind of a name people come up with.... seriously mad dog) headphones cost $110. will the 7520 stock pad fit the mad dog (cant believe I said it again)? I never tried them md headphones but is it worth buying it?

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I have a pair from my old Q40's and i aint gonna buy a new one,so they are not 1 year old and look still new cause haven't used them very much you can buy them from me if you want PM me then...

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Just ordered a pair of sony MDR-7520 ... The first time i have spent so much cash on a pair of headphones. Looking forward to having them arrive :) 

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I have it down to 5 headphones — from which I will narrow it down to 1 (…hopefully). Four of the five contenders are in my possession as I write this, the 5th should have been. Yesterday while at work, I continuously refreshed the UPS tracking page around the time I expected my B&W P7s to come, and sure enough the package was left. However, once I got home, I went to retrieve the package in the lobby of my building and did not see an appropriately sized box with my name on it. The only package addressed to me was a little envelop which could not possibly fit the P7s. I opened it up and it was an Otterbox case for an iPhone 4/4s with the order receipt for the P7s enclosed. Supposedly, Best Buy will expedite the P7s to me but I feel it won’t be until they have taken receipt of the Otterbox case I never ordered. Somewhere, somebody is enjoying my $400 pair of cans from their caseless iPhone 4.


Anyway, the other contenders are the 7520s (of course), the MDR-1Rs, the K545s, and the DT770 Pros.


Unsurprisingly, the 7520s sound the best. I really like the way they sound. However, they are the most comfortable uncomfortable headphones I have ever owned. What I mean by this is that, at times, they could feel exceptionally comfortable and at others really irritate my problematic left ear, leaving it sore after use. I feel my ears may be too large for the ear cups. Discomfort rapidly manifests with the other less-than-comfortable headphones I have auditioned, but not so much the 7520s, they are more "surreptitiously" uncomfortable. 


I have a decision to make. The 1Rs would have to be shipped back tomorrow for a full reimbursement. Next to the 7520s, the sound quality of the 1Rs leaves something to be desired. But, the 1Rs are undoubtedly the most comfortable. The ergonomic engineers behind this headphone at Sony should be poached by all other headphone operations, everyone’s ears would benefit. The k545s are rather comfortable too. They are a decided second on the list in that department.


While the DT770s — compared to the 1Rs — sound clearer and more detailed, endowed with an authoritative low end, I’ll likely send ‘em back. The DT770s are a big headphone. It’s not so much that they are heavy, just that they are big. Beyerdynamic takes the circumaural thing to another level. The ear cups encompass my ears … and, then, a 5-mile radius around them.


I’ll let you guys know what I wind up doing. The 7520s are great but I can understand why so many posts in this thread have been dedicated to ear pad modifications.

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i have found a neoprene rubber gasket behind the pads does wonders to help the comfort without changing the sound at all.  i have settled on the Alpha Dog pads which are the apex of comfort and have a great seal but they do boost the bass and cut the highs quite a bit.    This might be good for using in noisy environments though.

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took my 7520 with alpha pads out and about today (laundry day) and though the alpha pads were indeed comfortable (a little hot and sticky)  and blocked most of the outside sounds (especially the highs) i had to have CanOpener EQ on pretty much the maximum tilt from -6db at the lowest bass to +6 db at the highest highs (almost a straight line with just a slight emphasis above the line on the midbass) to bring them back to 'flat' lets say.  Atleast that is how they ended up before I felt that they were being faithful to the recording.  And so when I got home I removed the alpha pads and replaced them with the beyer plush pads recommended on here and they both sound and feel almost perfect with no eq adjustment now and do not have the sweat sticky factor either.  Seem to also be blocking out most of the outside noise as well... will see how these go for awhile.  They were very difficult to fit on and I would say look like a much cleaner fit for the 7520 then the alpha pads.  Have a feeling the skirts will stretch slightly over time and fit the 7520 nearly perfectly.  They look nice too. Alpha pads looked a bit bulky and odd.

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Cool that you found another pad to work with the 7520. Would you be able to post the exact Beyer Plush Pads you are using? Thanks!

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Beyerdynamic DT-250


So far these are the winner for me.  Glad I didn't sell them before even trying them.  Just that they came in at the same time as the Alpha Pads and got quickly pushed aside.  I do think these might be the best option so far all things considered.

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