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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

Lol, yes

Think of the th600 as a bigger, more spacious grander smoother bassy-er and MORE DETAILED version of your Sony(!)

Just remember the to sonic signatures are vastly different according to their intended use.
The Sony is more of a monitor,
While the th600 is more a bass head can..

I dont think they sound anything alike at all not even close anywhere. Not balance not anything. 

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Hi Brazenways,
Very good point but there are no 7520s here in Japan unfortunately! smily_headphones1.gif
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7520's arrived this morning. Only 14 tracks in, but I really like these. Great build quality, very comfortable initial fit (further time will determine this one), a fairly chill, not ostentatious appearance...and they sound damn good. Surprisingly light too - go go magnesium. 


Somewhat bassy compared to the FSP's - but tight, very well extended, and very detailed bass. Unlike, say, the V-Moda M-100's the bass isn't forward in presentation either so it's not particularly intrusive. I plan on using these as a portable and their bass elevation will actually help for mobile usage. Great microdetail extraction. Much more to say on this later. 


What I like is that these things so far is that they are detailed but not analytical. They are really toe-tappingly musical. Sam Cooke's "Loveable"/"Jesus Gave Me Water" and Paul Simon's "Graceland"/"Gumboots" sound really great. 


These are nice. 

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Originally Posted by AustinValentine View Post ... These are nice. 

Glad you like them! And best not to mention Sam Cooke to ol' Theodor! ;) ha...

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