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For Sale:
Aurisonics ASG-2 Stealth IEM

Will Ship To: USA

For sale is a month old stealth Aurisonics ASG-2.  I am the original owner.  Paid $650 and was purchased directly from Aurisonics.  Only reason for selling is that I have spent a great deal of money on some upgrades to my headphone rig so something has to give.  Preference is to sell within USA but I have worked with International Head-fiers in the past.  Not interested in any trades at the moment.    


ASG-2 comes with:


1.)  Original Case and accessories (tips, cleaner tool, etc.)

2.)  Unused set of Auvio S, M, L ear tips

3.)  3 Comply T5-500 small tips (2 ununsed)

4.)  FiiO RC-WT1 cable