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Advice on next purchase

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Hey all! I currently own the ad700's, m50's, has400's and MS1i's. But it has come the point that i need to go up in price to really get some increases in audio quality. The ad700 and m50 are my favourite headphones, although i have only had the MS1i for about 5 hours of listening time so maybe it will surprise me.


What are you suggestions from here? I'm looking around the $300 mark unless the consensus is to spend considerably more, i would be happy to spend ~$800 if they are great for the money. This would be my last purchase until early next year, so they have to play well with the devices below.


Currently watching DT250-80, are they too close to the M-50 for it to be worth it? Should i just get the 250-250 to hear a real improvement? I amp all of my headphones with an E11 and O2 so that's not really an issue for the moment. I have also been eyeing off some 325i's but the reviews are so mixed that it is making me second guess every review.


Any advice is helpful, thanks.


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Why not the mid-fi trio (DT880, K701, HD600)? The K701 was the first headphone to really wow me compared to the m50s.

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Which would you say is the best overall? I like all music and often change genre with every track (unless im listening to an album). Which would suggest then?

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