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Hello, Bonjour, Ko Ni Chi Wa, Marhaba, Ola,


I’ve had my Pro900’s for a year now. I am absolutely delighted with them, no other sub $1000 cans I’ve sampled since can have really challenged the Ultrasones, to my liking anyway.


The one qualm I have with them, as many others do, are the stock velvet pads. They are comfy, but I would much prefer a nice supple leather. I’ve done plenty of research on here with a few options available. I have been using Ultrasone 550 pleather pads, which I can confirm, are a direct replacement with no mods needed. They don’t change the sound signature all that much, but are a little too firm and after a while do become un-comfy.


I need some information if you don’t mind. My options are:

Alpha Pads from MrSpeakers (out of stock until early October) – I’ve read here that they have been used on the Pro900’s, but they look somewhat rectangular in the pics. Any comments regarding retro fitting these?

Angle Pads from Lawton Audio (1 month wait) – Are these ok for what I’m after?

Audeze LCD3 or LCD3 pads which are available same day for me locally – anyone know if these fit the 900’s?


Are there any other suggestions? I know of J$ pads but I cant find them anywhere. If anyone is selling any kind of solution to my needs, please let me know.


I’m in Melbourne, Australia by the way.


Kind regards,