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Need some opinions on shure se215ltd vs se215 original

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I am new to the forums, and have never had a good pair of earphones/headphones. My budget is $150, and I think I've found the ones I like.

I listen to rap, some electronic, and some rock (ex. some imagine dragons, not a huge fan of Nirvana or bands along those lines)

I currently have $40 sony over-ear earphones, and while they're very durable (had for 4 years and haven't been treated too well) the sound quality is lacking. I have listened to decent headphones a few years back, and can't remember what they sounded like, and as of now, Beats sound great. 

I've heard that the limited edition se215's have more bass which I think I will like, but I've head that the highs are lacking. I'm not sure whether which to chose considering the genres of music I listen to. Any other iem recommendations are appreciated as well.


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What are you looking for in an IEM? If noise isolation is your criteria then the Shure's are good but now, for that price range you can get better IEMs than Shure. 

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Some noise isolation is needed, but I'm looking more for comfort/sound quality.

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I suggest the following IEMs. (It's better to audition them if you can):


  1. Hifiman RE400 ($99)
  2. Rockit R-50 ($120)
  3. GR07BE ($150)
  4. Future Sonics Atrio M5 ($150) - Bass heavy


*Prices are approximated.

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Ok so I've researched the IEMs you recommended, and I found one that I really like.

1. I really like the Hifiman re400. It looks pretty cool, seems durable, and the sound quality is supposed to be good. How much bass do these have? Is everything else about them good as well? (build quality, comfort, does it leak sound, etc)

2. Not too fond of the Rockit R-50 so far. From the reviews I read, the cable doesn't seem that durable, and I would like these IEMs to last at least 4 years.

3. I don't really like the look of these, but if they are miles ahead of the others, I'll consider them.

4. I am not sure if I want a really bass-heavy IEM yet, maybe a mid level or just normal.


I still like the detachable cable of the shure, but the Hifi sounds very appealing now. Of the two, which has better sound quality and durability?

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I wouldn't be able to give you a good advice as I've never owned them. Best would be to check the appreciation thread of the IEM's you like for pros/cons of each. I got the T-Peos H-100 (it's a dual Dynamic and BA driver hybrid) but ended up not really liking its very V shaped sound signature. Maybe if I were to choose now, I'll get the TDK BA200, T-Peos H-200 or Vsonic GR07BE.


This link compares various IEM's:



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Now looking at the list, I think I am going to go with the Hifiman RE-400s. I just need to research a bit more on the quality (cable in particular, not detachable like the se215, but also sound quality in general), bass, and where I can get them with a warranty of at least 2 years. If anyone has had any issues with these IEM's, please tell me before I purchase them.

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Found a pair of earbuds in a drawer, pretty neutral sounding and it made me realize i would like a bit more bass. I've  heard the re-400 has hardly any bass at all, would the shure be a better option?

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If you thought the RE-400 has little bass then you most likely prefer the warm + sweet or Bass heavy SQ like me. In that case Shure will be a good buy. Future Sonics Atrio M5 has similar SQ. To check the type of SQ for each IEM, the link below is useful. ClieOS has categorized them according to SQ type: A = Analytical; Ba = Balanced; Bs = Bass; M = Mid; WS = Warm + Sweet)



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Thanks! I'm leaning towards shure for now because I think it will be more comfortable, but I'll do more research in the morning.

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Originally Posted by cpapp View Post

I've  heard the re-400 has hardly any bass at all....


That's not true.    Check the graph below.    Looks pretty darn flat with hardly any low end roll off at all.  But...........if you want exaggerated bass rather than an accurate presentation, than the 400's wouldn't be the IEM for you.



And here is the exaggerated bass graphed out for the SE215:


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I was just wondering why the Golden ear target graph is different in both images. I admit I don't really understand these graphs but shouldn't it be similar. BTW, my T-Peos is the first 'Golden Ear' certified IEM but it has a very V shaped sound and very little mids. I assume the mids on the SE215 will be better?

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Ok so I was looking for deals on the shure se215's when I stumbled upon this.


I've heard the audio technica ath-m50 is one of the best headphones for under $150. And with the NVX EX10S thrown in as a free gift (which some reviews said are pretty nice) it seems like a deal I cannot pass. So whats the catch? I plan on purchasing the 3yr warrants for the M50's by the way.

*Edit* just going to go with the shure se215. More portable and I plan on buying some headphones in the future.

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well now I can get some AKG headphones for cheap. Not sure what model yet, anyone got any recommendations? I just don't like the look of the two wire band things over the head band

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Originally Posted by cpapp View Post

well now I can get some AKG headphones for cheap. Not sure what model yet, anyone got any recommendations? I just don't like the look of the two wire band things over the head band


i have personal experience with the re400s,


if your coming from bass heavy cans they will seem very very bass light to you


i thought they were basslight, i sometimes wish there is a bit more bass. IT does have bass (its punchy and well textured) --> mid bass bump just very slightly


if your looking for sub bass- like rumbling really low notes that extend far, the re400s might not cut it for you. they extend far but its because of the mid bass bump its not as impactful.


basically if you want a neutral sound signature (basically u want it all, bass, mids and highs) their your go to iem


the treble i call it sparkly and extended enough for me anyway ( they are suppose to be rolled of a bit at the top) not siblant/harsh at all very detailed


mids are dry and and both male and female vocals sound fanastic and transparent. not good if your looking for liquid mids where the vocalists voice just melts you, and envelops you. 


as stated before bass the mid bass is slightly bumped, sub bass extends enough but not very impactful down there (thats due to society with all the bass pumping speakers) but the bass is medium speed, okay for electronic not great, but not slow congested or muddy) at all 


they work for a wide wide variety of music, not amazing for your needs but if you want something that works well for everything its the one!


the gr07 bass edition was recommended earlier i think you should really look into the mkII version instead--> the mk1 and mk2 is more neutral sounding than the bass edition (still a bit v shape) but not extreme.. i would love to try it because i hate really recessed mids, it has more bass and highs >re400s. i think it would be perfect for me and i personally love the design


plus they're over the ear (low cable noise) and they have pivot system on the nozzle, for almost perfect fit and comfort for almost everyone


heres a review on the mk 1 similar but not exactly the same




pm me if you want to know more about the re400s


also if your down to spend say 10$-14$ depending where you are, you can try the monoprice 8320. they are a fantastic example of a cheap neutral pair of iems (they have more bass then neutral and more than re400s) its a good stepping stone to see if neutral sound is for you. pluss  i can help you if you want to mod them to make them bass (just using 2cm of tape over the ports-- so easy) no headache


u will have to fiddle with eartips a bit but i think its a good idea before dropping over 100$ on something you might not like

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