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I need headphones under $200

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I know there alot of threads like this but I did it anyway. So recently I'be sold my ps3 for 200$ and I have the money for a new set of cans, i've done cheap iems so far, and Im stuck on deciding. I like rap, vocal, and pop. I know people ask for bass, but really all i want is clarity along with decent bass. I've looked into the Ath m50's, which seem over rated, and the sennheisers 


What is your suggestion

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Yes, we do get a lot of these threads... not that I mind, but it's best to read some of the others to get a sense of how these recommendation threads usually go. For instance, it would be helpful if you could list some preferences other than genre/price. Open/closed? Portable/home use? What your source? etc...

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So closed would be preferred, as I need isolation. But open, ive heard, provides better sound stage. So this is mostly portable for use in the car. And as for source, i have the newest ipod classic. But nothing to drive it with, so i need a fairly easy to drive headphone

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I've left a lot of very detailed posts throughout different threads. If you can try a Yamaha Pro 400, that might be what you're looking for. These are pretty clear without fatiguing highs, decently neutral, big soundstage, great accuracy on instrument timbre, make drums and percussion sound like real drums and percussion, and bring big bass when a song has it without screwing up anything else. I think they work well with pop, rock, metal, film scores, punk, new wave, everything I listen to. The only Rap I really listen to is the occasional 90s song like Miami, Mo Money Mo Problems, or Gangsta's Paradise. Those are a lot of fun with these. The 400s also get plenty loud off small audio players, moreso than my other phones. There isn't much I'd change about them sound-wise except if I could give them sweet sounding highs like my Amperior without messing anything up. They've been going for around $150 on amazon lately. 

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It looks like the Yamaha's have spiked back up in price though...


What about the Fidelio L1? It's semi-open, and if you're going to be using it in the car the leakage/isolation shouldn't be too bad (although not as good as closed, ofc).


If not, look at the MDR-1R, which usually hovers around $200.

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How about the ATH es-700? Here's a video review if you're interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG8gZwef2mE


Here's a review of several portables from the same reviewer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3eMPR2ox8A

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Maybe the Sennheiser Amperior? The sound is very detailed although they are said to be a bit aggressive sounding (in opposition to warm sounding). The bass is punchy but not very prominent. They are now discontinued and so they sale for rather cheap,  for example at vminnovations they sale for 179.99$. I personally think they sound amazing! The impedance is 18ohm which makes them very easy to drive with a portable devise. Note that they are on ear but provide good sound isolation.


For around 225$ you could also try to get used Sennheiser Momentum; I know you sometimes get some on sale on this forum. They are said to be warm sounding and detailed (a bit less detailed than the Amperior from what i've read). Also designed to be driven by a portable device. Some say the cups, although supposed to be over head, are rather small in dimension. Beware if you ears a bit larger than average (or maybe even average). Here is a seller from this forum.


Unfortunately both of the above don't provide much soundstage but hey you can't have it all! ;)



Good luck!

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oh and maybe the Philips Fidelio L1. They are semi-open or semi-closed depending on your point of view :) and apparently they are good : review here. Also found in the used section of this forum; although they are around 200$ on amazon.

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how do you think the sennheiser 598 would compare

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or the quincy jones akg headphones

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If you are still open to use iem's, I'd get the vsonic gr07mkii. In your budget and just a fantastic iem. 

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598 is open, so it will leak sound. q701 will not be able to be driven by an ipod.

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Take a look at the SOUND MAGIC HP100 they sound very good for $200. here is a review for them    http://www.head-fi.org/t/616201/soundmagic-hp100-review

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AKG 550 is another you could look at. I liked it with the sort of stuff you listen to, it just doesn't have the ability to reproduce bass like the yamaha. It's a lot more comfortable than my Yamaha too. I had been watching the various Yamaha phones on camelcamelcamel.com and just checking amazon's website. The price fluctuates a lot. The $400 pro 500s have gone for as low as $182. The 400s usually averaged around $234 at the lowest price. I just pulled the trigger when I saw them around $150. They stayed at that price may a week. I don't know if prices fluctuate this much for other phones. My Amperiors were $180 refurbs. My K550 might've been around $220 total back in February. I never heard the MD-1R or Fidelio stuff. Based on the reviews at innerfidelity and other places, they don't sound like phones I need given how many I already have. I would buy them for around $100 each though. Maybe one day I will have a chance to demo them. The Logitech UE6000 is another good one. Everything about it is really good except that it has a real lack of treble energy. Although, it does sound cleaner and clearer than the Momentum. 

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or the quincy jones akg headphones


I have the Q460. Punchy and warm, and render transients very well. The soundstage is very narrow. They are like studio monitors for your head. They are finnicky. They like certain tracks, but hate others. They do Busy Child well, but hate Achille's Last Stand. Depending on how the bass drum is tuned they help or fight the drum. They are competent headphones, but there are much better offerings out there in that price range.


All-in-all, I much, much prefer my V-Moda M-80s over the Q460s. Please see the M-80 thread for detailed reviews. Hope this helps.

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