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Exactly $150 to spend on work headphones.

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After a long project, boss is rewarding us with headphones priced $150 or below. 


I would like to use these at work. I'm a software developer and spend all day in front of a screen. 


My main criteria are:


 - Comfort

 - Sound Quality

 - Isolation


 I currently have:


Senneheiser HD 570 - Love the comfort, but not enough sound isolation due to being open air headphones. 


Klipsch S4 - Mostly use these for bike commute to work. Don't like wearing IEMs all day at the office. 


I mostly listen to instrumental music (jazz and classical). I do also enjoy some funk type stuff, and some EDM.


I would love a recommendation as I have not really looked for a closed-type headphone. I'm assuming that's what I'd need if I don't want an IEM. 



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You might want to look at the Beyerdynamic DT770 pro. Closed headphones, very comfortable, nice SQ, a bit bright with good and punchy bass. Not sure how good are they for jazz and classical music though (didn't have much experience with them).

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Shure SRH-840
Sennheiser HD439

Depending on what you like

Hope it helps!
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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See if amazon still has the Yamaha pro for $150 and free shipping. I've just got them and they're my current #1 phone. If you search my posts, you can find extensive details I've written. UE6000 is a good choice for around $150 as well, but I feel the yamaha smokes them in every category except tonality. the UE6000's tonality was a little sweeter if I recall. 

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Thanks everyone for the recommendations. 
Originally Posted by fateicon View Post

See if amazon still has the Yamaha pro for $150 and free shipping. 


I don't know how you ever found that deal, but that sounds killer. Wish I could find that. 

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you can just check camelcamelcamel.com after you setup a page to watch them. This was only less than 3 weeks ago that the 400 was $159 new and $150 used. Right now cheapest price is $225 new with shipping. I had been watching them and the pro 500s for months. I got the 400s to tide me over for the 500s because the 500s sounded better on the Fry's demo. But when I brought my Yamaha cable to Fry's to try the 500s with my Sansa clip, I thought the 500s sounded worse. Was the first time I got to try the 500s with film scores and metal music. The music on the fry's demo was either real bass heavy electronica or pure acoustic.

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Audio Technica ATH A900Xs sound great with instrumental music. And you wont need an amp to drive it

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Shure 840's are a good shout.


The akg k550 are as well.


M50's are slightly less impressive, but still good no doubt. Something like the mdr1r might be good also as the enhanced comfort, easy going sound, low profile and good looks might make it worth choosing over the rest.

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A lot of good recommendations in this thread. Problem is most of them are considerably more money than the hard $150 limit I have. 

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I recently got these (http://www.jaycar.us/productView.asp?ID=AA2065&form=CAT2&SUBCATID=1015#4) and I think they are pretty terrific for a grand total of $70.  Very good isolation, really nice detail, quite comfy.  You can find lots of reviews on head-fi of this and other/rebranded versions of this headphone.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/611575/jaycar-pro-monitor-headphones

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eysikal, did you ever make a choice? Did you try multiple sets?

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Hey, Yes. I did make a choice. I ended up getting the Brainwavz HM5 http://www.amazon.com/Brainwavz-HM5-Studio-Monitor-Headphones/dp/B006MA9XXM. They are a "clone" of the ones darthman references in this thread. I like them...but I am not blown away by them. They are definitely a flat response headphone that you will have to use EQ to make sound interesting. I am getting a headphone amp soon and will probably report back on how that changes things. But know that these headphones play things very "straight"... most headphones you are probably used to have a more interesting sound signature built in.

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Thanks for the update! I'm beginning my own search for workplace headphones so thought it interesting when I stumbled upon your post as the first article I read after joining. After a little bit of research I may make a post outlining my requirements. Then like you, I'll be searching for a DAC/headphone amp. Thanks again.

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I got in on this when it was still in the Kickstarter project phase:




It looks very promising. I'm sure people on here have been talking about it. 

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