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New pair under $200

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I currently have some Shure SE215 but I want to replace them. I am looking to spend $150 ish if possible, but will spend a bit more if it's hands down worth it. I prefer in-ears because I take them everywhere (road trips, library, plane, etc.) but I don't know much about this stuff. I was looking at the B&W C5 as they have good reviews. I almost only listen to music with these: rock and metal mostly, but I do go into everything else (other than country...I can't stand country) So I guess I need something a little more all around and I am not a bass head, but I do enjoy the lower end. Any help?

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I have been looking around and found some Klipsch X10 on Ebay...would they be worth the $150 or is there a better choice? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Klipsch-Image-X10-In-Ear-only-Headphones-Black-Orange-/221285381769?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item3385a2f689&_uhb=1

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for rock and metal I think my Yamaha pro 400 do an awesome job. Metal needs some clarity, that doesn't magnify static or make the compressed recording more harsh, a strong bass to give you that headbanging feeling without messing up the other frequencies, and something that makes kick drums sound like kick drums instead of clicks. This is the only phone I've heard that really does all that. I bought mine recently for $159 on amazon but last I checked they had some for $150 even. This is an all-arounder as I use it for pop, film scores, eurodance, classic rock, new wave, 70s stuff like Bowie, etc. search my posts for some extensive comments I made on these and other phones I've owned or tried.

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