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Ride your bicycle to work... Or basically everywhere... Saves a lot on fuel cost...
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Originally Posted by Scribbles View Post

Ride your bicycle to work... Or basically everywhere... Saves a lot on fuel cost...


And learn how to service it.

There are ridiculous volumes online on how to do... well, everything; including every imaginable bike repair.
Even if you suck at DIY, there isn't much you can do to break a bike if something doesn't go perfectly. A half decent basic set of bike tools doesn't cost as much as some bike shops charge for basic repairs/servicing. 


This applies for most things in life really. Obviously the bigger the thing you're DIY'ing the greater the responsibility if something goes wrong. Like not putting a wheel on properly = you're gonna have a bad time. 

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Just buy second hand gear. It always has a good resale value:)

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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post


4 Bags Instant Ramen

8oz Frozen Peas

1/4 Onion

6 Eggs 


Looks good in my head, I gotta try this soon !

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how i save money:


-do my very best to go to bars that have student prices.

-do my very best to go drinking when happy hour starts.

-do my very best not to drink so much :tongue_smile:

-never eat out.

-buy whatever i can in bulk, lowering the overall price. for example, i get my rice in 5Kg sacks.

-i live next to the market, so i get my groceries there. if anyone is near enough - markets tend to be cheaper than supermarkets (ymmv ofcourse...)

-i havnt bought clothes in atleast a year or two. when i do buy clothes, i make sure theyre of good quality, so they last me for several years.




Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

For a bit of time and moderately small startup cost, a garden can lower your grocery bill significantly in the summer.

only i dont have a garden, i keep the herbs in flower pots on the balcony (or rather, my flatmate does).

-search long and hard for cheaper electronics (such as a washing machine) and furniture. if you wait long enough, and you visit the 2nd hand sites regularly enough, youll find something worthwhile, i guarantee it.

-get lots of food frozen food from mum whenever i visit :D


as far as cooking goes, i dont believe ramen constitutes as a healthy meal... 

heres a pasta recipe i like: http://www.wikihow.com/Cook-Spaghetti-Carbonara-with-Bacon


other than that, if you soak a cup of green lentils for an hour, you can make rice, and add the soaked letils in with some pre fried union and garlic (and herbs or whatever). go about your business just as you would making rice, and then your left with a pretty filling meal, and it also counts as a real meal (despite not having any meat in it, the lentils, together with the rice, do combine into a type of protein). its also a good solution for when you get tired of sandwiches. just take a box of that to college, and heat it up when your hungry.


dont throw out your old bread. if its green then throw it out, but if its just too hard for your liking - make a toastie out of it, or smear it with olive oil and garlic, then grill it in the oven, and then youll have croutons to put on your salads. its a shame to waste things.


and the absolute, most important and most usable of  techniques - dont be spoiled. just cause the handle broke off the pot doesnt mean its unusable, things like that...

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how I save money:

I set up a compound interest savings account where a percentage of my monthly income (currently set at 30%) which automatically gets transferred into that account. This leaves me with just what I need to pay for fixed expenses/bills+around $100 give or take which I can either save to buy beer, audio gear and any other hardware that I want. And if I decide to withdraw from my savings account, I don't lose any money but I lose the deal where the interest rate for all the money I deposited will be 4% after 2 years (starts at 2%). I want to make most of the interest rate so I force myself not to withdraw any money even though I may be broke towards the middle of the month. I know I'll thank myself a couple years later when I receive my money back with a 4% interest! This is a savings account plan offered by my bank.

I'm sure there are other similar compound interest savings account plans that are available at other banks.


Here is another way to save money:

Block internet access to www.head-fi.org lol!

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