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For Sale: Shure SE530

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For Sale:
Shure SE530

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought them 4 years ago from EarphoneSolutions. Right after warranty expired the stock cable split so I got them re-cabled.

It's still working perfectly without any sign of retirement but cosmetically looks a little shoddy.

  • the shells were opened for recabling purpose so some paint chips along the edge
  • texts on the shell were rubbed off a little
  • the rubber tubes (wrap around the roots of cables) come loose, but the cables don't see any sign of loosen
  • cables become a bit toughened after two year outdoor usage

They still sound amazing. The reason of selling is that my old ears can no longer tolerate IEMs otherwise for such a condition I'd rather keep for myself. Please refer to photos, and let me know if you need photo with more details.


AUD$95 posted in Australia, elsewhere pay actual postage.

thanks for looking

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ygpm :D

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