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For Sale: Beaten up YBM M^3+ σ11 PSU

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For Sale:
Beaten up YBM M^3+ σ11 PSU

Will Ship To: Anywhere

**Price lowered to $$$ + shipping.  Parts ALONE without a doubt cost much more than this.**


Amazing amplifier that's done me good for a couple of months.  


I'm selling because I'm beginning to finalize on my setup (Senn + Crack tube amp) and need more space - I cannot fit both of my amplifiers on my small computer setup.


I have contacted YBM audio in regards to fixing the enclosure and such - this is the reply I got:  I can forward the email to perspective buyer for proof if needed:


"Looks pretty beaten-up.

Assuming everything else is OK, the replacement of the two enclosures will be $250, excluding fees such shipping or Paypal fee. This build costed $1100 + originally.

This is not user serviceable so I must have the units to perform the job.




If the user knows how to DIY, it's definitely "user servicable" (It's a DIY amp to begin with).  Note that if perspective buyer was to try to fix the enclosure and such, the whole thing would cost around 100 dollars.  I've already looked it up on Mouser and everything - but the unit's been sitting on top of the DAC so the problems aren't even really noticable, which is why I didn't bother to fix it.I can promise that the unit will be fully functional.  I've had zero problems since having received the unit.    Price does not include shipping, which will be $15-20, depending on where you live.  I will ship international, but you will have to cover extra for shipping and I'm not responsible for anything in case something goes bad.  Paypal please go gift or add 3%.  I have flawless feedback since many years back so buy with confidence.



I am accepting trades for other SS Amps that are smaller on the size and can drive lower impedance phones, Speaker amps, Acoustic keyboard amps (far fetched but might as well put it out there), and DAC.

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