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At $300, Mad Dogs or HE-400?

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Assuming I could get them for the same price, and my source will be FLAC files -> Aune T1 -> Project Ember, what are the pros and cons of each? I listen to pretty much all different kinds of music, from electronic to rap to classical and rock. I know that both of them have a darker sound (which I like), and that the Mad Dogs are closed while the HE-400 is open. If I'm correct, I believe the Mad Dogs are more balanced across the spectrum while the HE-400's bass can overwhelm the mids at times. Also, I've read that the Mad Dogs are more scaleable. Originally I was set on the Mad Dogs as the $400 price tag for the HE-400's was too much, but since I can get them for the same... Thoughts?

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What you said is generally the consensus of what the community here are saying, I am encouraging you to read some of the impressions of both the Mad Dog and HE-400 here since they are not lacking.

My impressions is the HE-400 is much more fun than the Mad Dog with great bass and its got a peak that might be unbearable if your sensitive to the mid to high frequency of sounds. Mad Dog on the other hand is very much an analytical headphones that does not have the treble sparkle of HE-400 and a tamer quantity of bass than HE-400 making them a lesser fun headphones than the HE-400 for me.

Another thing is the comfort, both are orthos so they are inclined to be heavier than dynamic headphones, fyi HE-400 is heavier than MD. For me, the MD with Alpha Pads beats out HE-400with velour on comfort.

Overall, you can't go wrong with either of these.
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