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What would be great is to have a version that can power the iPhone and dac also. There is a dreaded message from the iPhone using a dac about the dac using too much power
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Hi everyone .. I want to share an experiment I tried last night
1. iPhone 6plus latest iOS update
2. iaudiogate music player updated
4. Apple usb3.0 CCK
5. LH Labs revive re-clocking USB device
6. Elfidelity USB 3.0 power regent unit

The objective is to regen/reclock the Apple Music signal and upsample it to DSD 5.6mhz using the iDSD MICRO
Step 1
Plug the elfidelity usb3.0 unit into power socket
Connect the power charging USB line of the LH LABS Revive into the clean power outlet of the Elfidelity usb3.0
Connect the signal inline of the elfidelity unit to the USB 2nd input of the LH LABS revive unit
Thus had to be done to provide a return line connection for the elfidity unit .. if not it will not come on!
Connect the iDSD micro to the USB 1st socket of the Lh Labs revive
Connect the line input of the Lh Labs revive to the CCK USB SOCKET
POWER UP EVERYTHING before u connect the CCK TO THE IPHONE iaudiogate software on screen
To my surprise the iaudiogate recognized the iDSD AND I could enable DSD 5.6 MHz upsampling

Now the sound test
It sounds really really good
Presence of vocal images rock steady and very palpable
Clearer mid range
Enhanced instruments timbre
Bass impact and depth greatly improved
Stereo width depth height and layering all improved
Used my ATH- LS400 and my Senn HD800 for test
Even on the LH400 the improvements were very evident

I tried to do the iDSD micro without the LH LABS Revive and the Elfidelity
Nope not the same
Sound stage flatter
Vocals not so clear and no where as emotional
Bass power diminished
Highs a bit thinner

It looks like a mess on my desktop but what a sound!!!

I used Jackson Browne's Solo vol 1 as a test
Will do more testing to report to everyone
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I just hook up iOS device to cck to dap

Then hit play button

Must be doing this all wrong
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iFi iDSD Micro upsampling to DSD 5.6 MHz
iAudiogate player
Tune 48khz Hdtracks download JD SOUTHER NEW KID IN TOWN

LH Labs Lightspeed revive powered by Anker 10000mini hour battery pack
All playing well
Sounds great
Trying to check if this is my ultimate iOS audiophile playback setup!!!
Crazy huh??
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Oh it is the latest USB 3.0 CCK
I feel it sounds better than the single USB PORT CCK .. maybe 'cos the USB port is not used for powering the iPhone ???
but u can charge the iPhone as u play the tunes ... that is critical I feel
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Sorry the Anker is 10000mamphr
And the cables are all LHLabs , IOS or iFi audio originals
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Tonight when I plugged my USB3 connector in to my phone Apple asked me whether I wanted to install an update for the connector. Does anyone know what this is about?
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