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Last week I bought a portable DAC/AMP (IFI Nano IDSD) to hook up on my phone. The DAC can support PCM up to 384kHz/32bit and even can handle DSD and DXD formats. At the moment I'm using an Iphone 4s with Isub player to stream and play music on my phone.  I got it working with my Iphone 4s using a Apple CCK. When playing high resolution FLAC or DSD files from my PC I can see on the DAC (different color lights) it's converting all the different formats/ frequencies (48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz, etc).  When playing the same songs using Isub on my iphone, the audio signal to the DAC only seems to be 44/48kHz. No matter which format I play. The Isub player shows the right format information (like for example 192 kHz), but it's actually not sending it to my DAC. Active transcoding is turn off in Subsonic. 
My questions is if the output is limited by the Iphone itself or are there still some settings in Subsonic or Isub that I have to change.

Does anybody has experience using a streaming app and actually output 96 or 192 kHz music files.

I'm having the same problem. iSub says it's playing 24/192 at full res, but the display on my Oppo HA-1 DAC (connected to the iPad via lightning To USB CCK) says 16/44.1.

What could be the problem?
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For the record, the iPhone 5s / CCK / iOS 8 combo DOES NOT work with an Alpine CDA-117 car head unit. Even though Alpine advertises a 24 bit DAC and iphone compatibility, apparently that compatibility is limited to 16 bits frown.gif
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Ipod touch 6G. 128GB confirmed working.
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Touch 6G 128GB with Flacplayer app.
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In case anyone has concerns I can confirm that under iOS 9.0 my iPad 3 and my iPhone 5 continue to work fully with my two DACs. - an HRT Microstreamer and a Chord Hugo. In fact all my music apps including JRemote, Tidal, Qobuz, can opener, FLAC Player are working perfectly. Apple have even reinstated Home Sharing although it is hidden well. I plan to update my new iPod touch tomorrow.
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