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Good info ~ Thanks so much for the reply.

Is this behavior standard for CCK?
Is the iPhone just controlling the volume of the amp in the Microstreamer or is there actual attenuating going on on the level of the line out?
My apologies as I don't have anything compatible to test with here so I appreciate the info greatly.

I think the gain change on the headphone out is digital only, so lower gain than max means fewer bits are being used. It is a 24-bit device, so it is not a problem if it works this way; the limit in the dynamic range is the amp section for most portable DAC/amps.

You could ask in the microStreamer thread to be sure as the designer often answers directly about such things.
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Thanks so much for the info guys.
Microstreamer looks my top choice for next portable amp.
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To make things simple, dac from centrance, Sony n teac incorporated chips to do away with CCK. For awhile I had almost given up trying to hook up a portable rig with iPhone without carrying massive cables.. till I found these adapter.
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Would an iPhone 6+ with ios8 connected via CCK to a Chord Hugo be as good as AK240 (RWAK240) for SQ and user interface? Trying to decide on a portable solution and yes I know that ios8 comes out tomorrow Sept 17 so no one could comment on that yet but based on current experience with ios7? If the AK240 solution is clearly superior then no need to order a 64 gB phone...

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The user interface when using a iphone with an external DAC and a CCK is really more a function of the app that one is using for playback than IOS.

I use nPlayer as my app of choice, but there are many apps that can do the job.

As far as SQ that is really more a function of the DAC. The phone is just a transport (think bit bucket)

So I think the call is how you feel about the Chord Hugo vs. the AK240.
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