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I tried the NC version for a few minutes at a store the other day and while not quite as comfortable as the 1R I actually thought they sounded better (tighter bass, more neutral midrange, and crisper treble). But they are not as premium feeling as the 1R. But due to the lower price and the change in signature which I liked I would say they are a good value.

BTW I tried the NC model of the 1R in the past and was not impressed with it at all. So the fact I liked the 10R version tells me probably will like the regular 10R if ever have a chance to try them out.
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I tried the nc version at the store they sounded decent, not great with the stores bad source, and I agree they felt cheap too. I still went ahead and gave the mdr 10 a shot and they really surprised me. The boxed product is much much more sound and sturdier than the display model. I would give them a shot the display really doesn't do it justice
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I received the bluetooth version of these headphones about a week ago and have been pretty happy with them.

For whatever reason, the build quality feels better than the 10R (or even the 1R for that matter) that I fondled at the Sony store prior to me making my decision to order them.

Audio quality seems decent...though I confess to not being a hard core audiophile. Audio quality improves noticeably when used with the included/optional wire. I would imagine it would be even better when used with those fancy headphone pre-amp things that y'all are fond if using. Am curious to listen to the audio quality via APT-X (sadly my iPhone does not support this). Also, seems like audio quality has improved over the course of the week that I have used them... maybe just my imagination.

Ergonomics are better than my previous bluetooth headphones. They fit my big head and ears better, and I can literally wear them all day and forget about them. The various switches are also easier to find and operate.

I also appreciate that they recharge via micro USB. Brings them in-line with the rest of my rechargeable gadgets (in a quest to standardize all of my gadgets so I don't have to carry around a bag of chargers).

All and all pretty happy with these headphones.
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