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Sony MDR 10R

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looks like the sony mdr 1r's successor, starting price is 199.99

Release date is Oct 15 2013!!

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I think I might want these biggrin.gif
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+1 reviews wasnt good for the 1rs :/

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New drivers, looking good! The mdr-1r was a great pair of portable headphones. Nice and smooth sound signature.

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I'm sure I read somewhere today that there is a 2r in the pipeline

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Those look unbelievably comfy!

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I had been looking at the mdr 1r but saw a review that said that the mdr 10r might actually better. Since the 10r is 100$ cheaper than the 1r I am very excited to see what the 10r will be like. I like the design much better. I will probably await some more reviews before purchasing one though. Amazon says that they will be in stock on October 1st.

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Does anyone know if the Bluetooth model will sound as good as the regular ones when connected?


I want the 10RBT because its wireless but im worried that it wont sound as good.

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It looks like a lower end model than the 1R to me.  Maybe you guys should wait for the 2R instead

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Originally Posted by uncola View Post

It looks like a lower end model than the 1R to me.  Maybe you guys should wait for the 2R instead
Why do you say its lower end?

Also are there rumors of a 2R?
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because sony also has 1RMK2 series, which will be replacing the existing 1R series. If 10R is better, why would 1RMK2 be worse and more expensive?

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Interesting, did not know about those, kinda annoying all these versions, just release a set and then release another set to replace them after a while.

Why all this 10r, 1rmk2 stuff?
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Just bought these and they sound amazing!
Very balanced sound , rich and solid controlled bass, highs rolled off slightly not much at all hardly noticed with an untrained ear.
Then I added an amp to these babies and I couldn't be happier at this price point. much fuller and richer sound from portable devices. I use a iPhone 4 and the fiio e11 is perfect! These headphones have an impedance of 40 ohms and the take a lot out of portables sources such as phone and iPods. Even without the amp the sound was clean and detailed with a wide soundstage for a closed back headphone.
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really?^ cause today i tried them out at best buy and they felt really cheap for 200 bucks, cant really comment on sound because its a noisy place 


sony should think of making metal headphones

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