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For Sale:
[SOLD] Sennheiser IE800 In ear Monitors. Like new.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Decided to downgrade my portable listening a bit and going for more midrange gear.

The Sennheiser IE800 is probably one of my favourite earphones/headphones of all time. I’ve compared them to other thousand dollar plus IEMs (tralucent 1plus2, fit ear 334) and I think the IE800 has some clear advantages of huge sub bass, lush, silky mids and incredible lightness and easy fit. (to be fair, they do not have the same wide soundstage of the 1plus2, but no other IEMs do). Their absolute best quality is the mids which are clear, slightly warm and a little forward. it’s easy to get lost with female vocals on these earphones.

edit: SOLD

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