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Hello guys,


I am would be really grateful if anybody could compare Radius HP-TWF11,  Philips Fidelity S2,  VSonic GR 07 and Sony EX600. Which are the best? I listen mostly rock, altenative rock, sometimes dupstep or electronic. My player is Sansa Clip + Roxboxed or Sony Xperia Ray. Now, I have Sony EX85, which for me are great, cause they have verrry wide soundstage. I like spacious playing headphones, and I pay great attention to details. I recently buy Sony MH1, which are reccomended here, and they have great detail, nice top, great bas and sweet mids. They have great resolution, but soundstage is rather small, so Sony Ex85 are still my best iems.


Now I would like to tried something much better. I am thinking about buying Philips S2, cause they are available in my country for 90 $. And the question is: Are Philips Fidelity S2 are much better than Sony EX85 or MH1c?


Does anybody have S2 and EX85 and could compare them for me? The most important things for me are :


1. Great subbas, sweet mids and sparkling top.

2. Wide soundstage.

3. Resolution and details.


Please for any help. THANK YOU. ;D

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