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For Sale: FS: Audeze LCD2.2 [priced to sell]

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For Sale:
FS: Audeze LCD2.2 [priced to sell]

Will Ship To: Anywhere



For sale are my beloved Audeze LCD2.2 headphones.  I want to sell these as I would like to upgrade to some LCD3's.  

If you are interested please PM me.

They are in near perfect condition.  The only problem I can make out is a very very small scratch in the leather of one of the pads.  Also the headphones will come with the case and stock cable.  I also have a cable that I made (all silver)  if you would like that as an upgrade as well. 





Edit: Pictures have been posted.

Edit2: I am the second owner, and only comes with the travel case and stock cable.  I do not have the original paperwork.  

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I hope I missed out on these...


But PMed, too.

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Hello, I have  interest, is it possible to send LCD-2 to Slovakia? 

Thanks for your answer.

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God, I hope not since they're sitting next to my monitor right now.

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