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For Trade: Let's Learn Something

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This Classified is Closed

For Trade:
Let's Learn Something

Will Ship To: US 48

Going to make a thread where we can define what the common and respected pratices for handling review samples. 

We should all be here to help teach, not to insult each other. I can take the insults, I can learn and I can grow. And I'd like to know what I ought to do and should have done, and then share that with others in my shoes.

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I'd totally buy this but I guess I can just contact Audio Technica, tell them I have a blog, get it for free, sell it, then come out $150 on top while still trying to convince the community I'm giving them a good deal!  


Good luck with that soul you sold.

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soul for sale you saaay?


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So... you're flipping a review copy of a headphone?

Feels wrong...
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tsk tsk

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Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens View Post

tsk tsk


-.- is there something wrong with leaving it open for a trade. I mean it's my first review headphone recieved ... no one gives you a list of rules as of what to do with one... selling it seemed a little wrong but HEY why not a PM, give me a chance to learn something before you all judge me... 


I was under the impression I would be shipping it back to them,


but GOOD JOB, you guys YEA you've insulted me. Made me feel like an ass and ALL of this in public! But hey leasson learned, so any one want maybe give me a better idea of what to do with this headphone? And prefferably some one who can relate to me without looking down at me

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