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Imagine you could choose only one!

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Imagine something happened (your house was set on fire, tsunami, earthquake, zombie apocalipse...) and you could only save one combo/set.


Rules: You can save 1 headphone, 1 amp, 1 DAC and 1 output to drive your headphone. (You dont need to choose one of each, it is personal) 



Let me start: I would save my M-100 and a O2 amp

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This is a pretty easy one for me since I currently own only one pair of full size headphones and only one complete set of source gear. I'd be keeping ODAC, UHA-6s Mk II and T50RP Mad Dogs.

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I'd be saving the Beyerdynamic T1, Burson Soloist, the Audio GD Ref 5.32 and my laptop which has all my music on it.


Would feel horrid (I wouldn't recover :mad:) losing the other cans and the WA7 I have. I'm always afraid of them getting stolen one day :( 

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AKG K702, Project Ember, ODAC

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2 people keeping ODAC, what is fun in this thread is to realise which amp,dac,headphone they couldn't live without

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magni/modi and the hd650.


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I'd save my Asgard, since it's currently my only amp, my iPod, and my K240.


Edit - Eh, after some thinking, I figured I'd probably save the Sextetts.

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I'd have to keep my woodied SR80i's, and my vinyl rig, that counts right? 1 source and 1 amp. The vinyl is already in the fireproof safe.

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lucky me for using burson 160D as a combo dec/amp, so i still have a hand to safe my laptop and for sure my HD600.. 


but how about your iem guys? will you leave them burned?

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My samsung galaxy s (voodoo) and phonak 232's

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Well, this won't be hard at all, given how I only have one audiophile-class system.


-Stax SR-Lambda

-Stax SRM-T1

-Victor/JVC SU-DH1 (Might come in handy if there are any working consoles after the apocalypse...)

-My custom-built desktop full of music, movies, games, and an X-Fi Titanium HD

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PC, D2, TH-900

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I'd definitely save my Lambda Pro and my SRM-1/MK2.

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Not many portable on the go listeners on this thread then!

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Right now.......

QC15's (All around the most useful/comfortable headphones for the long haul) ... but wait is there a shortage of batteries....guess that point is moot since everything requires electricity eventually

Computer of course....

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