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Chris J, I guess that particular headphone fan could be free to classify him or herself in any way that he or she chose! wink_face.gif

On a "cross" topic, I just made the indomitable jump to eat Top Ramen for a few months, submit to my fear of hybrids, and go for my old Glow Audio Amp One.  What changed my mind so radically? (Crikey! Are those women's shoes I'm wearing? Nah... Not that radically... ) The guys at Glow just released a totally awesome redesign for the 2013/2014 model, which has just come out!

Patrick over at glow wrote me literally out of the blue, and filled me in, knowing I'm such a freaky Glow fan. (You can read my review of the original model, with lotsa headphones, here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/504316/review-glow-audio-amp-one-w-denon-lawton-d2000-k701-hd650-er-4s-audio-tech-ad2000-dt880-600 ).

Anyway, quite a difference in price, but let's face it an all-tube design is what I was dying for, so what the heck. I figure in the end, suffering with a crimped budget for a while would be better than, ending up with something I like, but don't love... know what I mean? And unlike the, smiling stranger who might be making breakfast after a blurry night, I'd be stuck with having to sell and then ship internationally to unload my hybrid, taking a bath on the shipping costs both ways. No breakfast included!

On the other hand, the Glow has my heart, and I'll be thrilled to enjoy listening to her all night long while I'm laying in bed. eek.gif Well, you know what I mean. With headphones on. No, that didn't sound right either, did it? blink.gif

You can read my update of all that's new with the revamped Glow Audio Amp One design right here, fresh off the press:


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Ummmmmm..........you might want to rephrase some of that post! tongue.gif

BTW, I read your very nice review of the Glow.
And some of the comments:
As usual, everyone thinks they're an expert! rolleyes.gif
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Well we're all experts and what we enjoy, I guess. Normally I don't mind opinionated commentary. What made me a little bit sad is just that so many people had a tendency to judge the Glow before actually giving it a listen.

Yes, it had some issues in its first release. Yes, it has a glowy volume knob. (Which is pretty groovy). Yet it's truly an awesome amp. Though I haven't seen a direct comparison yet, I'm looking forward to one with the Woo Audio 3 or 6. Whatever is compatible. I imagine it could hold its own pretty well.

I hope more people will give it a try and it will game the popularity it deserves.
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Somewhere in all that the critics conveniently forgot that the Glow can drive loudspeakers!
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And pretty well too, I always read!

See below:


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