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For Sale: FS: KGSS electrostatic amplifier

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For Sale:
FS: KGSS electrostatic amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is one of a few KGSS amps I built after ordering way too many circuit boards for them.  Anyway it was used as a platform to test different components and suppliers to iron out some issues I had with my engraver and some faults in other projects.  This one has been on loan for a few months at a local recording studio so I just got it back.  I did put in a new transformer, testing a new supplier, but now it's just taking up space.  This is pretty much a standard KGSS but modernized a bit with improved parts and a new power supply.  Vastly over rated power transformer so it runs very cool and silently.   Same deal as my usual builds so all aluminum chassis with custom engraved back and front panels.  Alpha 4 gang pot, solid aluminum feet, teflon Stax socket and the usual overkill in parts quality.  Can be wired for either 117V or 230V and will be setup correctly before shipping it out. 


Price:  2400$ plus shipping and fees.

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interested but need time to finance another purchase.

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I'll buy it, if it actually has $2400 worth of parts in it.

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Yeah the trouble with DIY is that getting one-off parts can be a killer.


In my build:-


Transformer from SUMR shielded is about $150 and $60 shipped.

Case from Panel Express was over $400 shipped.


HV electro caps $20-30 each.


Knob for volume control $65


Quad volume pot $30 to $600+ depending on what you get.


HV wire silvered copper teflon coated - not cheap.


It all adds up rather quickly.

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