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I want a P3 v2.  Nothing wrong with P7 for me.

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Originally Posted by acap13 View Post

do you mind comparing the X2 and P7 in all areas of sonic quality?

Hey Acap, there is a short thread comparing the X2, P7 and Focal Spirit and the impressions provided are generally inline with my own so definitely worth a gander. In terms of treble, the P7s get a slight upper hand in my opinion as the there is a very slight grittiness to the X2s. It's not often, but its been most noticable to me on some acoustic tracks. The mids on the X2s are beautiful and right where they should be to my ears, but this may have to overall balanced sound signature of the X2s which do not have the treble and bass emphasis that the P7s have.

As for bass this one is a tough one for me to compare since we are talking about a sealed headphone versus an open. I wish the bass on both could be a bit tighter and have a little more control, The P7s has more bass and better extension, but I prefer the bass on the X2 as it feels better controlled and not lacking in quantity for my tastes. Soundstage, albeit the P7s excellent soundstage for a sealed set, the X2s get the edge for me.

Both are fantastic in my opinion and intend on keeping both as they each have their purpose. Honestly, I find myself grabbing the X2s on comfort factor alone whenever I have a choice but my wife limits that choice at times due to their sound leakage. Admittedly, not really a compromise when I have to grab my P7s. smily_headphones1.gif
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