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Hi guys,


I think these will be my first set of B&W's after reading all the reviews! Excited.


Although, I do have one question for the folk who've owned these for a while and use them as portable cans. How has the straight jack held up? I usually always try and buy an L connector as it seems to be near indestructible when in my pocket.

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Hi Canadan,

I've been using them for over a year and never had a problem with the straight jack, though I would say that since these are particularly pretty headphones I tend to treat them quite carefully!

I did see a post or two further back in this thread about the silver collar next to the jack that had come loose for a couple of people. As far as I can remember this didn't affect the performance and just required a dab of glue to reattach.

Hope you enjoy the headphones and let us know how you get on with them!


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Thanks Jeb,


I'm anxiously awaiting Thursday (Payday) so I can get these over my ears!

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I have owned the P7s for about a month now and absolutely love them.

I am starting to hear some odd distortion on the right side after every 4 or 5 songs.

It is weird because on some songs, there seems to be nothing wrong.

I am concerned, especially with the price tag of these things.


Is it something that will be adjusted the more I use them or should I look for a replacement?


Any advise would be appreciated.



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Hi there Zimmy, 


While I haven't experienced this personally, if you take a look at Page 69 of this thread another P7 user also had a problem with distortion, again on the right-hand side only. 


Take a look at that page - looks like he resolved it by calling B&W and they were excellent in getting a replacement to him very quickly.






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Well, payday came early. Have these headphones now and am just going through my iTunes library at the moment.


First thing I notice is that they are definitely a premium quality, everything about them screams quality! Soundwise they've definitely got a different sound than my Shure IEM's and they definitely don't block out noise as well, but I expected that.


I really don't know enough about headphones to give a critical review but so far I'm really digging them and I expect them to get better after more listening.

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