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Haven't heard the BT version but the regular 1R is pretty much the opposite of the P7. Yes they both have pretty good soundstage for closed headphones, but the sound signatures are so different.

Treble - both have good extension but the 1R has a very laid back top end, so overall it sounds very warm, even dark by some standards. P7 has lots of treble energy, very crisp sounding without being harsh. Treble resolution is amazing.

Mids - 1R has very warm, lush, rich mids. P7 is rather dry and lean in the lower mids.

Bass - 1R has a midbass hump which masks the subbass. P7 has emphasized bass but the emphasis is lower compared to the 1R (much more subwoofer-like) and the leaner lower mids makes it sound cleaner and less boomy.


10-point scale, an overall assessment of what sound would you put?

The 1R is very technically competent but sound signature wise I would only give them 7/10. P7 is like 9.5/10. However if you EQ both to have the same sound signature they would sound very similar in terms of detail, speed, soundstage etc.

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After extensive listening between the P7 and the Momentum, I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with my ears, because there's NO way I would put these two in the same category for sound quality, like a lot of people say.


To my years the P7 is considerably more transparent and clear, while the Momentum sounds more muddy. I think I'm too inexperienced to notice the "near world class" treble that Innerfidelity describes in their P7 review, but it certainly sound great -- it's crisp and detailed, and not at all harsh like my HD25s can sound (which I don't really enjoy at all).


Meanwhile I think the bass boost is very welcome for portable use. Listening at home the bass feels a little too much sometimes, but it's also very song dependent. And I find the bass punchy, detailed and seperated well in the mix.


But the real stand out from the Momentum is sound stage and imaging. To my years the difference is really night and day.


For overall sound quality I think the P7 is best compared to the NAD HP 50 (I haven't heard the B&O H6).


I can't say really it's better than the NAD, but the soundstage feels a little bit wider (perhaps helped by the bass and treble emphasis).


I liked the sound of both but in the end I picked the P7 for good looks and a nice fit on my ears. Although the pads are a little stiff, I find that it doesn't get uncomfortable with hours of use because the pads don't touch my ears at all, unlike both the Momentum and to a lesser degree the NAD.

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^ Agree with this. I own both P7 and Momentum and while the Momentum are great on their own, I found the P7 to best them in every area including comfort. Soundstage-wise, the Momentum does feel congested in comparison with the P7, and the cristal clear treble are really something to behold with the B&W. I have never heard any sibilance from P7 and yet, the highs are the clearest, most detailed I've heard in cans of this category. Momentum are good, to my ears P7 are simply better.

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