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For Sale: Sony SA3000 Headphones, Like New (Syd, AU)

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For Sale:
Sony SA3000 Headphones, Like New (Syd, AU)

Will Ship To: AU

Hi guys,

This is a pair of discontinued legend (affordable version of Sony Qualia 010 & SA5000, same housing structures and similar drivers, heard of that they use the same drivers as the upper SA5000s) Sony's headphones, which left me a shocking great impression 5 years ago in CBD's Sony Flagship Store, while I couldn't afford at the time (priced at 399.95 AUD, clearly remembered). 

I bought them (brand new) in May 2013 from Sonic electronix.com (http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_44256_Sony-MDR-SA3000-MDRSA3000-Open-Air-Stereo-Headphones.html, no longer available) for 240.30 USD + shipping (55 USD), which is 330 AUD in gross. The total on-head time of them are less than 3 hrs.

The overall condition of this pair is 9.5/10 by the audiogon grade scale (http://support.audiogon.com/customer/portal/articles/606176). It is not 10/10 as there is a small nick (about 2 mm long, shown in the image) on the plug housing. Frankly speaking, I don't know why the thing is there.

The reason for letting them go is I have upgraded to SA5000s, I have never thought of selling them as I bought them for completing my collections as well as for a good memory. They have been well kept in box since the month I received and reviewed them. 
(FYI: The sound signatures of these headphones are very impressive, they can be superior. You do detect a lot of electrostatic sounds, especially on the clarity and smoothness. The bass are not apparent as always criticised, however, the lows extend to a deep depth that you can certainly feel it. These features are dedicated by their nano composite drivers yielding an extreme wide frequency range (8~100 kHz, as they are designed for Super Audio (DSD) music). In comparison, Sennheiser HD800s hold from only 6~50 kHz. I personally enjoy this type of sounds, as I am the airy electrostatic sounds freak. Moreover, they are comparatively easy to be driven nicely with warm amps like tube ones. Wamer, Better.



My favourite about these headphones is their comfort over head. I highly doubt that if you can find a better one in market upon this aspect, maybe Sony Mdr-1s (really good, so yeah, maybe). You just don't feel they are on head. Say If you feel that HD650s are okay to wear for a while, I assure you these are at least10x better.
1. If you are expecting for a strong/responsive bassy sound, they dont have it.
2. The plug has a 2 mm long nick. (otherwise they are in 10/10 condition).

The headphones are essentially new, rare (will be rarer) here in Australia, and getting more expensive (why I bought them from the states), like those SA5000s (cost me 600 USD a few months back... )

As for all the natures of these headphones + they have got 40% off already from the price I got them, the price is firm. Any further price drop would not be fair for the Australian price that I have paid. Items are located in Syd, cash on pick-up is as always preferred. Otherwise, I am not responsible for handling any shipping and paypal fees etc. shall occur (e.g. ~ 25 AUD Australia-wide? or to be confirmed). If you are planning to hunt a pair, this is a good deal.

They have been solidly packed and ready to go at any time from now.

Any other questions, more than welcomed to ask.

Thanks for reading!

Good luck!


I have a number of Like New condition hifi headphones (Wooaudio maxed WA6, Sony XB500s etc.) are considered to sell, please let me know if you feel interested.

- end -

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