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It is very refreshing to know you have the same setup and can put forth a competent evaluation. I too have a silver board proto. The Ember is my favorite!!


I too am weary of his "technical evaluations" on DIY (I'm thunderhead by the way).


Now really--do those speakers sound as good as your best headphone? I think not.....


What is your favorite tube color?  I like orange to match the tube.......and the there's green..........and then there's purple..........

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I have mine in a kind of 'ice blue' colour.

Interesting you mentioned colours. I have seen reviews where they criticise the fact that it has an led to light the tube. I actually like it, since you are in no doubt as to whether it's switched on or off so it's not so easy to forget to turn it off. It's a great reminder.

Next update from Jeremy will be a better power supply, although I do know that bigger ones don't come cheap.

I've also changed the volume knob for a bigger, gold one so there is more sensitivity with volume control as well as a bit of bling.

I use a big puffer to blow out any dust each week, since its an open design, but it runs really cool which is a great bonus too and will help it to go for longer without getting too hot and breaking down.

I use it every day.

I did know who you are but thought perhaps you preferred to be anonymous.tongue.gif

I always associate Mouser with The Matrix!!
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