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For Sale: Wyred4Sound DAC2 (W4S)

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$900 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Wyred4Sound DAC2 (W4S)

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm the second owner of a Wyred4Sound DAC2.  It's in near-mint condition.  I only used the USB, optical, and coax connections and they all work perfectly.  The remote is also in working order.  The only reason I'm letting this beast of a DAC go is that I'll be traveling for a good long while and want to consolidate my headphone equipment into a portable rig :)  Otherwise, I would keep this beauty with me.


Original product page: link


I'll also include some cables made by Blue Jean Cables in Seattle, WA:


1 x pair of audio cable

1 x optical cable with adapter

1 x coax cable


Buyer pays shipping and fees.  CONUS only.


Please no trades.

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In order for this unit to process DSD information, you would need to send it in for the upgrades :)

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do you know how much the upgrades are?

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Sure, there are two options.  If you just want to get the DSD function, you can purchase the cheaper upgrade which is 495.00 USD.  If you want the DSD function plus some hardware upgrades, then you'll need to get the 1250.00 USD upgrade package.  Both options require sending the unit back to W4S for installation and modification.


Info regarding the upgrades: DSD upgrade & DSDse upgrade


However, if you don't already have a DSD library or really plan on having on in the future, you can't go wrong with the unit's built in capabilities.  It really does sounds incredible and I'm only parting with it to consolidate my headphone rig into one great portable solution.

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Does the DAC have the original packaging. 



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It does!  And, it has the original box, manual, driver CD, USB cord, power cord, remote, and a male 3.5mm - male 3.5mm cord.

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