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For Sale: [Aus] ATH-M50 for sale

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For Sale:
[Aus] ATH-M50 for sale

Will Ship To: Australia

My M50s are up for sale, price includes delivery in Australia.


Purchased new in January 2013 from an authorised dealer. Condition is 9/10, they rarely left the house. Comfort-wise they've never really suited me. I recently upgraded to Beyer DT250 velour pads, but they still don't get much use - about 10 hours with the new pads. It is now time for these to find a new home so I can explore elsewhere.


Includes original pleather pads, beyer pads, original box and accessories.


Thanks for looking.


Edit: Apologies, my office computer doesn't like me uploading images. I will attach photos later today.

Edit 2: Images loaded.

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Price drop.

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