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Why are you still doubting then ;) For 350$ you really can't go wrong

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the AKG-K452 is on special at RicherSounds for £50 at the moment, down from the usual £60, for VIPs.

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I have the blue model. There are two cables - one for Android and one for Apple. Not the best mic on my iPhone 4 but I think the phone on that unit isn't up to scratch compared with newer Androidsl
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Top marks for case, cables and general build. Bass is good, not at bright as the Sennheisers that I lost on an airplane. Better suited to 320 mp3 files than FLAC.
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I've just bought the k452 to use with my iPhone 4S, and I can confirm the remote does work with IOS. Short press for play/stop, two for forward and 3 for previous. I've yet to take any calls on it so can't comment on the mic quality. Only thing is there doesn't seem to be a way to control the volume, unlike the apple mic remote where u would press either end of the button, the AKG just appears to be one pressure pad underneath the button.
Oh well, can't fault it with that, quality weighing against cost for these are definitely good!
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I think you guys can buy spare a K 451 cable and use the volume buttons on it with K 452.

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hi, can you tell me the weight of k452? Amazon showed k451 to be 4.1 oz, which is great. i cannot find it for k452 it very light?

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I guess it should be the same, it's very light.

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From what I've found out so far, it seems the real difference between the K452 and K451 is that the former has a mic/one-button remote cable that works with Android phones and the latter has a mic/3-button cable that works with Apple phones. And of course only the K451 wins the prizes and appears on store shelves. This irks me, because I have an Android phone. It seems this all comes down to Apple deviating from what used to be a universal standard for the three-ring (four-pole) 3.5mm headphone connectors. Thanks a lot, Apple, now I can't use the microphone or call-answer button on my AKG 451 mic/remote cable.


EDIT: it seems the solution is simple. Buy a bi-directional CTIA (Apple standard) to OMTP (everyone else) adapter. You can Google it, or just get this:

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I sold these and bought AKG Y40 instead. There's a lot of improvement. The sound is clearer/less muddy. I've heard Y50 is even better but it's too big for me for portable use.

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Hello itwriter,

i want to know if your akg k451 works with adapter ctia-omtp,thanks.

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Originally Posted by batnun View Post

Hello itwriter,

i want to know if your akg k451 works with adapter ctia-omtp,thanks.

I eventually got an adapter. It took a long time to arrive, and it looks beautiful and sturdy. But plugging it into my Sony Experia V phone revealed that it did not make proper contact, and microphone and answer buttons still don't work. Better to just get a Samsung smartphone (S4 and upwards, I think) which properly supports the K451, I think.  Won't go the Sony route again, even though its sound is better.

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