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This got me very interested in this headset. I just have one question. On the AKG website, the K452 is cheaper than the K451. How come? Does anybody have a clue?


I am currently in the US, and want to save some money by buying here, rather than across the atlantic. Allthough, it doesnt seem that much cheaper here.


Will this be one of the better headsets in this price range? I listen to electronic and rock mostly.


Edit: I will mostly use this with a samsung s4 and on the computer while listening to music.



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Must be a mistake on their side, it's the same price on the UK website. I guess they are branding this as just iOS/Android variants of the same product?

I can go and get you ones at richersounds for 59£, don't know what the shipping would be, but I suspect you're better off buying them on the US directly. I would just wait for to have them.


About the headphones themselves, I can only compare them to the K518, where I would say these sound better but isolate less because of the pad size. I haven't found this to be that much of a problem though except on the London tube, where you definitely end up with a higher volume to compensate. Still, the sound quality, the remote and the fact that the cable is replaceable totally compensate for it. Also, they are much smaller in size and when folded take half the space the K518 do, so I've totally switched over these. And I'm still discovering all what the remote has to offer lol

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Thank man. Appreciate the answer. I guess I will go for these!


I find it a bit strange they are cheaper in the UK than in the US, but might be because it is from the webpage of AKG, and that richersounds are cheaper. Its not a major difference, but it is something like 30 dollars. I will hang on for a few days and see whether they will be available on amazon.


Thanks hallycynogenic!

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I don't think so. While richersounds IS cheaper than the AKG store, what I meant is that the price is the same on the UK version of the AKG store.
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Yeah, I see what you are saying. It is actually cheaper on the US version. I hope it arrives on cheaper stores here soon, as I wanna buy it before I leave. Always good to save something like 20 pounds, right.


I hope the headset is well enoough isolated so it does not create noise for people around.

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Sound leakage has not really been a problem for me because I usually listen to music at 70% of max volume, but at maximum volume on my nexus 4, people around will definitely notice, specially if in a quiet place like a library.  The best example I can give you: the other day I was on an auditorium with a friend waiting for a speech to start. He was using my headphones at maximum or almost maximum volume, and before the speech started I didn't even hear anything because of the people talking around. But as soon as the speaker came out and people made silence, it immediately became noticeable (I was sitting next to him). Can't complain. If you're looking for perfect isolation the K518 do a better job because of the way bigger pads.

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I've taken an interest in these headphones of late (well, the K451's, but these are a newer model :P) and I'm trying to decide between them and the Sennheiser HD-25 II (SP) but the main thing for me is how well they block out outside noise as I walk beside a busy road for my commute and need the outside noise kept out. I know the Sennheiser's are great for this as they were made for blocking external noise but if the K452's are as good or similar I'll go for them instead. Any thoughts?


(p.s. sorry for bumping a 3 week old thread)

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I'd say noise isolation is the weakest point of this headphones. It's not something you will notice if you're not explicitly paying attention, but the fact that these are small open headphones doesn't help. My AKG K518 for instance, being closed and with bigger pads do a much better job at isolating. Again, I don't think it's too bad nor that it will be a problem for the normal user, in fact I suppose the K450 and K451 will be exactly the same as the physical design is the same and they both have been receiving excellent reviews for a long time, but they are not the best at that.

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I bought these headphones a week ago from I think they sound great. I also have Sennheiser Momentums, and while the Senns are obviously better, these are much more portable and sound as 80 % good as Momentums. I'm going to be using these outside on my phone. The thing is though, I'm about to buy a new phone and I wonder if the phone cable supports iPhones as well. I might buy an iPhone or another Android, I haven't decided yet.

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They don't support the iPhone. The K451 do. Keep in mind the magic happens in the cable not the headphone itself, so if can buy a spare K451 cable I'm 99% they are compatible.

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Thanks mate. I just asked because Sennheiser Momentum is also marketed as iPhone headphones but call/answer button works on Android devices as well, only the volume buttons don't. Since these headphones only have a call/answer button, I thought maybe it works on an iPhone? Have you tried it yourself?


By the way, I'm listening to Just Be by Tiesto right now, and I must say trance sounds amazing on these. Very engaging and exciting sound.

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Yeah, that's what happened with the K451 too, I haven't tried it myself but I'm pretty sure it won't work or only work partially as you pointed out. I recall AKG sold the spare cables so if I were you I would just get the K451 cable.

Off-topic: Just buy the Nexus 5 for god's sake

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Nexus 5 is no.1 on my list. Some people say the sound output is somewhat low and that holds me back a bit.


I wonder if there's improvement in SQ compared to K 451.

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Nexus 5 with the K452 is my current setup. The K452 go pretty loud as you probably have discovered already, so it's not a problem. I've never had the need to use max volume. Hell, I just tried and at maximum volume and I hear the music nicely... with the headphones on my table lol, it causes me pain if I try to listen at that volume with the headphones on... 

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Indeed they go very very loud. Compared to Sennheiser Momentum, they are like 2 times as loud. I had to turn the volume down when I plugged in K 452 after Momentum to get the same loudness. They're both 32 ohms though.

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