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AKG K452

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So, after the amazing K450 and the even better K451, the 2013 model is out. This is the best deal I've been able to find:

I'm currently living in London and got one of these Richer Sound stores very near, I'm planning to buy the blue ones tomorrow. From what it seems, the main improvement is that the controls now work with anything whereas the K451 only worked with Apple products. However, the K451 was only supposed to add remote controls and according to several reviews it has better sound quality (I've read a few reviews mentioning much sharper mids) than the K450, so I'm hoping this will be the case again and the sound is even better. I haven't been able to find a single review online nor anyone making a single comment on them, which I find quite strange considering both the K450 and the K451 won the "headphones of the year" the last 2 years. Anyone has any information?

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Bought them one hour ago, just got home. I plan to review them on youtube, will get back here soon. Have tested them for one hour only, but they sound really good for my taste. Can't say if they are an improvement over the K451 because I haven't tried them. However, the main difference, the remote control and mic do indeed work with my Nexus 4. I can pause and skip music on PowerAmp, also launch the voice control. Still haven't tried to manage calls with them and if you're supposed to be able to control the volume I sure can't find the way to do it. It's just 1 button and everything is done by doing combinations (1 short press play/pause, 2 skip song, 3 prev, long press voice control).

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Is the cable detachable as with K451? What's in the box? A second cable, a transport bag?

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Yes, it is exactly the same as the K451 and comes with exactly the same except the cable with the remote contains a different remote. Again, they sound really good to my ears, but I can't say if they are better or not than the K451 because I haven't tried those. What I know from them is from reviews and Youtube.

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According to the AKG web site, it is available only in blue and white. I hope they will release a gray/black model soon... Strangely the AKG web site does not mention the transport bag and the additional cord...

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Yeah, and those are the only two colors they had at richersounds too. And yes, the site doesn't mention it (but again, it doesn't explain how the remote works either, and the included papers don't either), but it does. It's the same packaging as the K451 but with an Android logo on the front. I'll try to make the video asap.

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Pease, let me understand: the 452's work with Android only or with Apple/Android devices?

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I've only tried with my Nexus 4. I will try to get my hand on an iphone and let you know.

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when I heard about the k452 I was intensely interested as the idea of quality headphones which also offered headset feature for android was quite appealing.

but no reviews... so I am keen to your opinion!


the fact that there's only one button is a bit disappointing.


my alternative plan was to get standard phones and make "frankenphones" - combine them with the cable & inline mic from an android compatible headset.

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the most trouble i got from K450 is the cable,i dont think that kind of crap can be durable even u just use it and do nothing else

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After having tested it for some days this are some of the updates:


1.- Sound quality keeps impressing me, I definitely recommend this ones for anyone who cares about it.

2.- The remote functionality is wider than it seems even if it only has one button. It seems that this is not the only case of a single button remote and there were features I had not discovered: during calls, one click mutes or unmutes the conversation, while a long click answers or ends a call. There also seems to be a lot of apps on the play market to modify this default settings, and it also seems that this defaults have changed across Android versions. I've only tested them on 4.3 Android on a Nexus 4 so your experience may vary.

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that's really helpful, thanks. I think the K452 is now at the top of my short list!

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Seems it's spreading to more distributors. It can now be found from 3 sellers on (previously only richersounds), hope it will start becoming mainstream soon. I wanna know all the hidden features of the remote lol

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ah, I see the blue ones are now on sale @amazon, previously only the white ones. Still only amazon marketplace though.


I'll wait till the next Richersounds VIP offer where they give out a £10 voucher off headphones.

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