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Free to a Good Home: Grado SR60i modded with wood cups

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Free to a Good Home:
Grado SR60i modded with wood cups

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello, I am willing to give my SR60i's away, its not the cleanest of work, the glue is easy to see from a few angles, but that is all.


I want these to go to someone who could otherwise not afford these. Shipping is on me, so you dont have to pay a dime:)


Thank you.


(SPC from BTG Audio, wood cups from 7Keys, 3.5mm Pailics jack, and a SR60i.)


About me: I'm a 14 year old(very fortunate) audiophile. I figured I would let somebody have these, who would not be able to afford these otherwise. I am looking for some good karma(I'm not religious, but somehow I still believe in karma..). I've never been a very giving person, pretty selfish, only looking out for myself, and cold-hearted. So hey, why not try to change, atleast try.. 

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Wow great deal! How do we apply for this? Haha.
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Not interested in the headphones, but I wanted to comment on how beautiful these headphones are. Nice job on the woodworking, I especially love the finish. You're probably not as selfish as you think. I believe that as long as you're nice to good people, care for the people who do the same for you, and don't get caught up in hatred then you're doing all right.

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Wood cups are done by 7Keys.
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This is so awesome! Hopefully someone less fortunate who hasn't had the opportunity to try nice headphones gets these.

Be ready for mass PMs though. xD

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No shipping internationally, sorry frown.gif
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Very nice of you! Hope these go to a good person who will fully appreciate them :-)

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Honestly I could afford them, but I would like to have them! Thanks

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nice to see someone in my age that have the headphones hobby

and now somthing besides to say "headphones=beats"

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They're gone!
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Sent a PM, sire.

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Nice of you to give them away! Real life starts right there, right then!

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..admirable sentiment.

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Be on the look out, if I do buy a DIY Cmoy kit, I will most likely give it away also. Along with a review:)


ALSO, due to someone giving me free wire, I will be making an HD650 cable, and since it was free wire, it will also be a giveaway:bigsmile_face:

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