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KRK 8400 - burn in?

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Hi guys!

So I just purchased the 8400's for late night sessions as a compliment to my KRK V8 monitors. I like the weight, fit and feel. But I must say, in terms of sound, I'm not impressed at all. There's no sound stage, no air, no bass... They sound very boxy. The only thing I like with them as of now is the midrange. But there's something weird with the imaging and bass response of these cans. I also think the highs are a bit harsh on some sources.
Do I need to burn these in or is this roughly the sound they'll have? How many days/weeks/months are we talking about in terms of a burn in period?
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what are you plugging it in to ? 

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Apogee Ensemble. Do I need an amp for these?

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I don't think burn in will make any appreciable changes.


I have a 6400, with 8400 memory pads, and it's definitely a subdued, neutral phone that needs a little more power than the specs would seem to suggest. It tends to be a little grainy sounding at lower volumes, too.


It's a decent headphone imo, but from what you write I imagine that you'd be happier with something that has a different sound signature and a relatively large soundstage.

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I found that the KRK KNS 8400 has a very good soundstage for a closed headphone but it is one of those... strange soundstages. It is difficult to explain but appreciating the 8400 seems to depend on being able to 'forget' that you are listening to a headphone and just visualizing that the sound is coming from outside. Somehow, the imaging seems to improve when this happens and I think I get KRK's philosophy behind this. With this said, I personally sold my 8400 due to its 'farty' bass. The bass is very clear, but lacks impact. Due to this, while we can easily hear the bass texture, it is not being 'filled out' with impact and thus the result is a bass that sound a little like a fart :)

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I finally know what's wrong with these. 

1. Dividing the sound stage up into Mid / Side, there's too much Side. I take approx. 6 db out of the side and I find the sound stage to be quite natural again. So these cans are Side heavy. 
2. From 1 kHz down to 20 Hz it needs a gradual 6 db boost in the bass frequencies. Start with an even curve and cut a bit more around 250. 
3. From 1 kHz up to 16 kHz it needs a gradual 3 db cut in the treble frequencies. Start with an even curve and boost a bit around 4 kHz.
With these alterations these cans are the headphone equivalent of my 1:st gen. US made KRK V8's. They're now just OK for late night sessions... Hope you guys find these tips helpful. Thanks!
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