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Adice for a good Turntable setups <$2000

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Hi all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong area, I didn't know where to start the thread.


I am interested in buying my 1st turntable and would like to know whether turntables are for me (genres/artists that I listen to) or whether I would not be gaining anything going down that track.


I would also like to know whether the Artists I will soon mention have Vinyls that are of an Audiophile quality out there or whether they were never mastered for that purpose,


Vinyls I would buy are, Nirvana, Eminem, NOFX  which I would listen to most and perhaps Cat Stevens and Beethoven for the rare occasion.


I do not own any speakers yet (advice what would be best for may taste of music would be appreciated) though straight up I would be using my CIEM: TF10x8...which is a TF10 up graded to 8 drivers,  and also my HiFiman HE-400.  I may buy the HD800 and the JH16pro/JH3a down the track but not for now.


My current Amp and DAC is JDS LABS O2 and ODAC.

I would also consider upgrading Amp/DAC  if that would be recommended.


The budget of $2000 approx does not have to include speakers.

Though if you guys believe I would gain anything from Vinyls yet recommend that I spend more, I may consider spending up to $5000.

What is required to make a complete setup?


Also can anyone explain the difference between the Vinyl size (inches), (grams) and colours etc.

What would be the ones to look for when chasing the purist sound?


Thanks guys

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Why not go buy a decent turntable for around $100 and pick up some used low cost vinyl records,

hopefully of bands you also own on Audio CD or FLAC file

Plug the O2 into the record player, plug in your HE-400 headphones and listen to a record.

Then go and listen to the Audio CD or FLAC file (from the same band), see what you like better.

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Honestly if you are not so sure of Vinyl yourself, it might be best to approach the hobby with caution. PurpleAngel has a great recommendation listed above. Check your local Craigslist listings for some turntables there. Some really good brands to look for are Thorens, Pioneer, and Technics. I would do a bit more research via the web when searching for a used turntable as there is a lot to learn. Just remember you will need a phono preamp to play your turntable.


Now for new turntables, while the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is a well regarded turntable and the best budget turntable, there are some really great alternatives. One would be the Music Hall USB-1 (a Technics SL-1200 inspired table). Stereophile editor Stephen Mejias said that when paired with the Audioengine A5+, it really took the cake (so to speak). It isn't too expensive and features a built-in phono preamp. You can even transfer vinyl via the USB output (if that's your thing).


My recommendation however would be to search for a local hi-fi dealer who sells analog equipment (such as a Pro-Ject dealer) and pay them a visit. Have them spin some vinyl for you using their budget tables if possible and decide if you like what you hear.




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What isn't retrieved from the record isn't going to come out of the speakers. It's that simple. With this in mind, I'd suggest a Rega RP3 'table and a Rega cartridge (whichever you can afford). It's as close to a plug-and-play quality analog as you're going to get. You'll need a phono stage.


In terms of speakers, I'd look at LSA monitors. They're high-resolution transducers that are now selling at a big discount: http://www.underwoodhifi.com/2012/05/lsa-group.html


How will you drive the speakers?

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Thanks guys, I just gotta do some research on the brands/models mentioned and see what happens.

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