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For Sale: Audiolab M-DAC (mint)

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For Sale:
Audiolab M-DAC (mint)

Will Ship To: EU, UK

Selling about one year old unit in flawless condition, together with all the accessories. DAC still has a cover on its display, hence is untouched.

As a friend of supplier I have a box stored at his place and it will be provided (original). 

Coming with showed spikes, which improve sound a bit as for I felt.

DAC was playing moderately, alternating between Stockholm 2 and Yulong DA8 (2nd one last three motnhs or so).

The price doesn't include shipping, which is negotiable.


Thanks for looking

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Why din't you post it before the Beyer?:)

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Pm sent.
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Hello, is M-dac still availible?

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pm sent.

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Sale pending!
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