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For Sale:
Grado PS500 + cushions

Will Ship To: Anywhere

***  SOLD  ***


I am selling my Grado PS500's


I bought them from a fellow Head-Fier last year, and have used them a little bit since then.  I have a bunch of headphones, and these aren't getting the use they should be getting.  The headphones are in 'good' condition, and come complete with the original Grado 'pizza box'.


With the headphones will come a useful selection of ear pads (cushions) for the inquisitive headfier to try out.  These include the Grado G & L cushions as well as the fitted and modified S cushion (the one currently on the headphones, and the one I used exclusively).  Also included is the infamous Sennheiser yellow HD 414 cushion from 1970 something.  Aside from the modified S cushions, the others are pretty much as new.

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