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TWag vs Mogami

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Any suggestions on wether I should cannibalize my wonderfully made 48" TWag cable from Whiplash Audio and re-terminate it w/ connections for my Senn HD600's. It was made for my Senn IE8's and I figure I will get much more listening enjoyment out of my 600's benefiting from the more expensive TWag cable than the Mogami cable. If the difference between a balanced TWag cable and a balanced Mogami cable is minimal then I'll just keep my IE8's w/ the TWag. I can't imagine that there would be no difference between a $200+ cable and a $15 cable. I've heard good things about the Mogami cable though.
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What you are asking is, ultimately, "do cables make a difference?"

Answer: maybe, maybe not. It's the question which has started many vitriolic a arguments here.

For more information, check out the Sound Science forum. There are thousands of posts there discussing this, and I think that it would be best to save our cable debates for those other threads.
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